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So, why should you choose Twee?

Archive shows

Archiving shows makes it easy to keep your shows tidy, and only show the shows you're still watching.

Multiple profiles

So multiple users can track different shows on the same device

Trakt integration

Sync Twee with your Trakt account to always stay up to date with your watch progress


Check how many days you've spent watching your favourite shows

Some like choclate and others vanilla

but everybody loves ice cream, and Twee!

So, why should you choose Twee?


Desktop and DashClock widget for quick access to what's airing next


Manage the series you watch in a Fast, Fluid, material interface!


Make it easy to catch up from when you went on vaccation that time

What's hot

See what shows are trending and add them to your library

Send beautiful recommendations easy

Most added shows

Most liked shows


Adds total

Likes total


Don't trust just me, others seems to like it too!

Perfect tracking app I actually saw my friend use this and its so perfect. Downloaded it instantly and you'll find every type of show. There's a great database of shows! 100% recommend this.


Awesome! Just a few clicks and some series added in it and I am already loving it, I really liked. And the best: it is well designed and beautiful.


Great to keep track of watched and upcoming shows It even tells you how much time you have "wasted" watching all the sad. I am at over a month.


Keeps track of all your shows including past seasons. Instantly see what shows are upcoming and what shows you are falling behind. Arranges all series alphabetically and shows a status bar for each. Played with other apps but this is by far the best, almost forgot you can backup all your series to your sd card.


Great TV Show App Works perfectly every time. Developer is extremely receptive to suggestions and promptly fixes bugs. Frequent updates makes the app stay on top too! Using this as my main TV Show tracker now. After having tried almost all of them, this is by far the best. Great Job!


Essential app As someone who watches a lot of TV, it can be a real pain to keep track of what you have watched and how far through a season you might be. This app allows you to keep track and is well laid out and intuitive. Highly recommended. I paid to remove the adds to support the Dev and would recommend you do the same!


What's new in v2?

Archive shows

Archiving shows makes it easy to keep your shows tidy, and only show the shows you're still watching.

Multiple profiles

Has been upgraded, backlog is per profile, and switching between profiles is super easy

Trakt integration

Trakt integration WAS done but has been removed as of now because of the API upgrade, I will have to rewrite it and it will be implemented shortly


The statistics have gotten av makeover and looks prettier than ever!


The backlog actually makes sense now


The desing have been updated to a more material feel, the cards have been put on steroids and you can now see your last unwatched episode as well as mark it right form the main screen!


The magnifying glass bill bring up an text box for you to filter your list

Poster / List view

Display your showlist in a list or in a poster list


Write small comments on your shows if you want to remember something special about it


You can star a show, starring a show will put it at the top regardless of sorting option


The search, discover and "add by tvdbid" has been merged to one awesome super-everything-search-discover-thingie

Mutiple backups and drive backup

You can now store multiple backups and choose which one to restore, you can even store it on google drive!

Wow, Twee seems awesome!


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